Senin, 13 Februari 2012

cara menginstal windows xp

Product:   Windows XP
Sometimes you find your computer works slow or infected by virus that can not be controlled by your anti-virus software. Then you have to install you windows system. To those new beginners of computer, it is a matter to install the windows, but now you needn’t bothered any longer, you can just do as the following steps.
1. Put your windows system DVD in to your hard disk and restart your computer.
2. Click “F12” (or “delete” due to your computer) continually on the black screen before enter the windows.
3. Then you can get a new screen with 2 or 3 choose bars, move your “↑” and “↓” button to select “play CD/DVD hard disk”, and click “Enter” to run your windows system DVD.
4. Then your computer begins to gather and copy files about windows XP from your disc automatically. When finished, it would ask you whether you want to install a new Windows XP or just repair it. So here you should select to install a new one. Click “Enter”.
the fourth step to install windows XP

5. Then it will give you more choose bar, the first one is “install the windows XP in your disk C”, if you just want to format disk, you can click “Enter”. And before you do this step, there are one more things for you to pay attention to, virus are not firmly infected in disk C, sometimes they appear in every disk, so you need to format all your disks. Select “Disk D ******MB” click “D” and then “C”, after these things above, you format disk D. Do the same process, if you want to format other disks. Then after all things you can go back to the first step, to install windows XP.
the fifth step to install windows XP

6. Then the computer begins to format your disk C, you need to select the pattern which you need to format your disk. Select “Format the partition using the NTFS file system ”. Then your computer will work and later restart automatically.
the sixth step to install windows XP

7. After restart, your computer begins to install your windows XP, and this process will take you few couple of minutes, this all depends on the tape of the system DVD you use and configuration of your computer.
8. Click Customize to change regional settings, if necessary. Current System Locale affects how programs display dates, times, currency, and numbers. Choose the locale that matches your location, for example, French (Canada). If you don't need to make any changes just press Next.

the eighth step to install windows XP
9. Then you just need to wait as the system will work automatically.
the ninth step to install windows XP
10. When the installation of windows XP is finished, your computer will restart again. Then you are sure complete the installation of windows XP, the next step is to install your drivers.
The method mentioned above is to those users of windows XP system disc, those people who use the Ghost can even be simple. They just need to put the DVD into the hard disk, and restart the computer. And the drivers in Ghost is fit for most computers ,so you even can no need to run the driver discs.